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  You Are Publicly Listed

  You Feel Your Company is Undervalued

  Your Shares Are Just Not Active

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Executive Branding
You’ll become the 'Elon Musk' of your industry. As a part of your personal branding, we will make one of your executives a company ambassador. You will then be featured on various relevant shows and podcasts. We will also build a solid and engaged social following which will increase your brand recognition and your company's valuation.
Investor Nurturing
An engaged community of investors.
We create and manage group tailored tor your shareholders to communicate with yourself, your team and between themselves. All communication is regulated and by the book. This will allow your shareholders the opportunity to get their questions answered by your team at the helm, while also engaging together to increase their commitment to your company and cause.
Brand Remodelling
Full Website Optimization.
Our brand remodeling method is straightforward and has worked with many clients. We first review your entire website and its' online image. We then optimize it for all the devices and implement the latest UI/UX designs and SEO friendliness. Research indicates mobile traffic is now 80% of all website traffic (and growing rapidly)? If your website is not optimized for mobile, you’re clearly losing out on prospective shareholder and clients while also worsening the experience for website visitors.
Social Media Program
Using cutting edge strategies.
We will work with you and your team to create a content schedule for the website. This may include momentum-building posts, videos, interviews, images, a content strategy, and marketing. These strategies will not only benefit your overall company image but also aim to help present the value your company can bring to prospective shareholders. We will also leverage the rapidly-growing power of messaging including Telegram, Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger
Paid Advertising
Paid Advertising done the right way.
We have decades of experience in developing a high budget PPC account, spreading the word about companies to hundreds of thousands of relevant prospects. Our channel includes LinkedIn, GDN, Google, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
Lead Capturing
Customized Lead Funnel.
A funnel is the backbone of any marketing campaign. Without the right lead-capturing mechanisms, the capital and sweat equity spent may result in little to no return. We ensure your website is optimized and the funnels are set up in a way that allows every bit of traffic to bring value to our cause. We achieve this by using AI and Messenger campaigns, Referral Programs, Integrated Chat, Social and Community Management.
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Very knowledgeable, very specialized, precise, great communication and a high-quality deliverable
David V.
I have been positively surprised to always receive clear answers within 24 hours
Saïvann C
Daniel has an exceptional reputation has gone above and beyond on my first job. His attention to details and turnaround times was exemplary
Storm B.
Great Service, good approach, perfect result – all in time and budget. Thanks much, we are looking forward to our next collaboration.
Sebastian W.
We bring decades of marketing, investor relations, business development & growth expertise

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